Nowadays, we all experienced harsh climatic conditions in many parts around the world, mainly Asian countries like India. This sudden shift in climatic change severely affects most car enthusiastic as it fades their car paint. Have you ever experienced this?? We daily receive hundreds of telephone calls regarding how to fix color Fadeness. So we finally did some research on this with several car companies, and they suggest the primary reasons for car paint to fade. One common reason being is that people park their car under harsh sunlight, and this fades the color more fastly because of the UV ray’s. Secondly, chemical pollutants in air and salt from construction sites. They also said that bird dropping. It also plays a significant role in paint fades. Now you might be confusing, what can be done to resolve this issue .well, our answer to that is SUPER CERAMIC COATING.


SO, what is ceramic coating? You will surely have many unanswered questions in your mind, is it worthy of buying one? The concept of ceramic coating might be entirely new. Let me give a brief about super ceramic coating and how it works in your car. Super ceramic coating is the most advanced form protecting your vehicle from paint going fade. Many people have widely used this product, and everyone is happy with magical results. What it does to your car is that it creates a protective layer above the paint and this will help cover from harsh sunlight, chemicals in the air, and bird droppings and a result you can easily wipe anything from the car without leaving any kind of marks. Not only it protects car paint, but it also gives a more elegant and beautiful outlook. Moreover, it removes minute scratches and making the surface hydrophobic (water repellent). The most highlighting factor is that as it uses normal nanotechnology, which eyes cannot see that it coated in your car.


UV PROTECTION: As automobiles are regularly exposed to sunlight, the car’s paint fades too fast. When the UV rays from the sun touch with the paint, a phenomenon called oxidation occurs, this eventually fades car paint and make the color look dull and unattractive.

NO MORE WATER DROPLETS: YES, there will be no more water droplets sticking your car after applying the super ceramic coating. It is because the surface is hydrophobic to water and mud; the technology used here is nanotechnology.

IMPROVED DURABILITY: The peculiarity of these coatings is that they quickly bond with the molecular structure of your car’s paint, and it can’t be dislodged by vibrations or any external force, making it to last for a couple of years and not months. A proper ceramic coating will last 2-3 years.

Where I can purchase Super Ceramic Coating?

You can purchase from the official website